Indie Teaching: Resources for Teachers


Indie Teaching empowers anyone who wants to teach to offer courses outside of the traditional walls of schools and publishers. Here you can find learning resources and services to enable teachers to create, publish, and profit from their own online courses.

The Indie Teaching concept began with a blog posted I published on the Babb Group site, What is an Indie Teacher? in March 2019. That blog post provides an introduction to what an indie teacher is, how to make money through indie teaching, and some of the suggested technology options.

I have been a teacher and administrator in higher education since 1997. I have been actively engaged in online products and services longer than that. I am particularly interested in how online media ca be used as a force for good especially though greater access to learning resources. Indie Teaching is one of several projects. Having worked with 1000s of faculty, I know there are many very smart and very talented who have more to offer than they are given the opportunity to do through colleges and universities. My goal is to help them build a platform that extends their teaching and their impact. These same lessons and resources can be used by anyone with a goal to teach others.

To support others in their journey as an indie teacher, I offer the following resources:

If you are interested in becoming a professor teaching at a college or university, I also have several resources available: