What do you want to learn?

Indie Teaching: Resources for Teachers

Indie Teaching empowers anyone who wants to teach to offer courses outside of the traditional walls of schools and publishers. Here you can find learning resources and services to enable teachers to create, publish, and profit from their own online courses.

Future-proofing: Personal Learning and Development

Learning is essential for a future based on knowledge and innovation. What do you need to know to be prepared for what comes next? How do you gain that knowledge? Here you can find books and articles to help you develop the skills to realize your purpose and goals.

Learning Shift: The Future of Learning Organizations

The current fourth industrial revolution places greater expectations for educational systems to support life long learning. At the same time, formal educational systems are being confronted by changes in demographics and technology. These changes provide both risk and opportunity for organizations that effectively plan for the future.


About Me

Chris Davis Headshot I am Chris Davis (or Dr. Chris if you like fancy titles). I am an educator and entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of success delivering leadership excellence to maximize the impact and development of individuals and organizations. I am a futurist studying how technological and social changes influence individuals, organizations, and society. I am on a mission to help people use information to create a better world. I have worked with nonprofits concerned with how to use data on the human dimensions of global change and on improving healthcare at the community level. I started my own consulting business that worked with government, education, and private companies. I have been a professor and leader in higher education working with educational institutions and other organizations to leverage data to drive improvement in student learning and to facilitate change to prepare for the future. My wife and I with our ten children split our time between central Florida and southern Maryland.

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