Chris Davis PhD

Developing human potential through learning.

Indie Teaching

Indie Teaching empowers anyone who wants to teach to offer courses outside of the traditional walls of schools and publishers. We are creating training and other services to enable teachers to create, publish, and profit from their own online courses. 

College Advice

My goal is to help people make an informed decision about whether college is the right choice for them right now and how to make smart choices if they do go to college. The choice to go to college, where to go, and what to study is a personal decision. There are no universal answers or advice that is true for everyone. What I do is give you enough information to make informed decisions for yourself.

Learning Analytics

How do we measure learning and how do we use those metrics to improve learning and other outcomes such as learner engagement and satisfaction? Effective analytics are essential for both learning quality assurance and improvement.

Future of Higher Education

The current fourth industrial revolution places greater expectations for educational systems to support life long learning. At the same time, formal educational systems are being confronted by changes in demographics and technology. These changes provide both risk and opportunity for organizations that effectively plan for the future.