I am Chris Davis (Dr. Chris if you like fancy titles). I am an educator and entrepreneur with over twenty-five years of success delivering leadership excellence to maximize the impact and development of organizations.

Since 1985 I have studied how people can use information to create a better world. As a college student, I studied social change and social movements. In graduate school, I focused on planning and group processes. My doctoral dissertation focused on how communities were using the newly emergent world wide web to inform and empower their citizens.

Professionally, I worked with nonprofits concerned with how to use data on the human dimensions of global change and on improving healthcare at the community level. I started my own consulting business that worked with government, education, and private companies.

In 1996, I started teaching in higher education, eventually moving into administration. My focus ever since has been on learning analytics, research, and planning. I have led programs for assessment of student learning in multiple institutions, and I have also been responsible for institutional research and effectiveness. I have led and supported strategic planning initiatives in multiple universities.

I am a futurist studying how technological and social changes impact individuals, organizations, and society.

My specialty is working with educational institutions and other organizations on leveraging data to drive improvement in student learning and outcomes and to facilitate change to prepare for the future.

You can check out my published books on my Amazon Author’s Page. https://www.amazon.com/Dr.-Chris-Davis/e/B07H38GWD1/ 

For details on my professional background, I am on LinkedIn at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drcmdavis/

My wife and I with our ten children split our time between central Florida and southern Maryland.

Chris Davis, PhD

Chris Davis, PhD

Ogham Media LLC

 Ogham Media LLC is the legal name of my company.

Ogham is a Medieval alphabet used in Ireland and western Britain during the first through sixth centuries AD. One of the legends for the origin of the language is that  the legendary Scythian king Fenius Farsa traveled to the site of the Tower of Babel with 74  scholars to study the languages after the fall of the tower. After ten years of research of these various languages, Fenius created a new language from the best of each language. He created ogham as the writing system for his language and named the letters after his 25 best scholars. Ogham Media honors this legend as an education and publishing company striving to promote learning and knowledge.

Our logo is a one tusked elephant. Ganesha is an elephant headed god known as the remover of obstacles and lord of letters and learning. One of his earliest names was Ekadanta which translates to “one tusk,” and in many images and sculptures he is shown as having a broken tusk. According to legend, he broke the tusk to use it as a pen to transcribe the epic poem the Mahābhārata. While the logo is not meant to be a depiction of Ganesha, I use the logo of a one tusked elephant to recognize his legends and the power of writing and learning to remove obstacles.